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Enrichment for cats. That's a thing?

Updated: May 2, 2022

Absolutely! Just like dogs, cats need to keep their brain active as well. Here are some quick and easy tips!

  1. Drinking fountain- Some cats find great joy in drinking from the water faucet. A quick way to provide them with this joy all the time is to get a drinking fountain. These are found on all pet store sites to include amazon and chewy.

  2. Bird Feeder- If you have a window that is accessible for a bird feeder, hang or place it outside of the window to provide them with what I can "Kitty TV".

  3. Window Perch/Hammock- There are many sites that sell widow perches or hammocks for cats that attach directly to the windowsill and give them a nice comfy sun bathing spot off the floor. Cats really enjoy being higher than the rest of the world.

  4. Cat Trees/Scratchers- There are many different types of scratchers and cat trees, from cardboard to carpet. Even an open box on the floor will provide your cat with enrichment for a few hours or days depending on their level of interest.

Providing enrichment for your cats is easy and can be cheap! For more information follow the link below.

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