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Does your dog have a reliable recall? If not, here's how.

If your dogs are anything like mine, they do not always come when called. They look right at you and turn back to whatever they were doing. I have found an amazing article that taught me some easy ways to get my dogs to come each and every time! Here is a summery of that article, please read the full article for more detailed information.

  1. Charge your "Come" or "Here" command: To do this, you simply say come or here in a cheerful voice and then give them a high-value treat. This associates the word come with a good experience. (if your dog knows come is a poison word, try using here or another word)

  2. Next Try walking with your dog by your side on a leash and say "come" or "here"(whichever you used previously) and then run. Run 10-15ft with your pet and then stop and give them that high-value treat again.

  3. Continue this for about a week and then move to the next step which is waiting until your dog is a few feet from you, say "Come!" and repeating the running 10-15 ft, treat.

  4. If your dog does well with this, move forward to off leash while in a confined space that is safe for your dog.

  5. Practice outside recalls with a long line in the same manner. "Come!", Run, Treat. "Come!", Run, Treat.

  6. Once your pet is reliably coming to you, practice this off leash in an area that is safe, yet not enclosed. Do not practice this around other dogs and remember that until your dog is reliably coming, no matter the distraction, do not allow them to be off leash in non-off leash areas.

I hope this information helps you and your pup as much as it did me and mine!

Have fun and stay safe!

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