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It's Spring! Tips to spring clean your pet supplies.

It's Spring, despite the cold snap we have been experiencing. You know what that means! Spring Cleaning!

Here are some tips to safely cleaning and organizing all of your pet supplies!

  1. Clutter, just clutter. Just like our things, pet storage areas can get cluttered with unused or less used items. A few ways to resolve this is to organize and donate. If you organize the items you use often to be out and easily accessible, then put the less used items into a basket or storage bin, this can help a lot with the clutter and make things easier for use. Donating any unused items to a local animal shelter or rescue group can help them tremendously. Wash the items well with pet approved washing techniques and put them aside for donation! A great way to help you and your community of fellow pet lovers!

  2. Washing, washing, washing. The next step is washing all of your pets toys, beds and blankets. Wash toys, bed covers and blankets with non-toxic, fragrance-free washing detergent. Hand-wash any leashes or collars with toxic-free detergent and hang dry. If you have a kennel or crate, be sure to clean it with a non-toxic cleaner.

  3. Records who? Lastly we want to be sure all of our vet records or other documentation for our pets are accurate and up to date. I like to do this with a binder and folders for my pets. Giving each pet their own divider and keeping all rabies vaccine records in the front for easy access.

I hope this helps you all! Happy Cleaning!

For more information follow the link below.


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