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Memorial Day: Tips to keep your pets involved and safe during this national holiday!

In honor of Memorial Day each year, many Americans have cookouts, family gatherings, camping trips and most importantly, fireworks. As a Veteran, Memorial Day is very special to me as all of the brave souls lost were brothers and sisters in arms, no matter how long ago they served. While I love a good cookout, camping trip and especially fireworks, it can be a stressful time for our furry friends. With that being said, I have put together a handy list of ways to keep your pet safe and involved on this glorious day of celebration and remembrance.

  1. Heat Exhaustion: It gets hot most years by the time May 30th rolls around. Heat exhaustion is a very important factor to consider during your Memorial Day plans. Indoor pets are quite easy to keep cool by leaving a fan running and providing them a room with plenty of ventilation. For outside pets or pets that will be traveling with you, be sure to pack extra water and keep them in the shade where possible. As per usual, don't leave your pet unattended in a hot vehicle with no ventilation. If it's too hot for you, its even hotter for them.

  2. Pools: If your dogs are anything like mine, they love to swim! While this is ok in most cases, remember to watch them very well to avoid accidental slipping and drowning in the pool. Also be aware that chemicals in the water can be hazardous when ingested. Be sure to wash your pet completely after their pool time fun to ensure all chlorine and other chemicals are removed from their hair and skin as this can cause burning, dryness and irritation.

  3. Bug Repellant: Yes mosquitoes are out and about and we definitely want to protect ourselves and our pets. One thing to be very cautious of when choosing a form of repellant is that some of these are very toxic and can even cause neurological issues in your pets. DEET for example is an insect repellant that is known to cause neurological issues in dogs. If it does not say tested on animals or is not intended for animals, please do not spray them with it or allow them to lick it. Below are some great natural ways to keep bugs away that will not harm your pets.

    1. Neem Oil

    2. Cinnamon Oil

    3. Thyme Oil

    4. Fennel Oil

    5. Cedar Oil

    6. Rosemary

  4. Food: There is almost always food involved at every Memorial Day celebration. However our pets cannot always have all of the same foods that we have. Here is a list of some that can be potentially toxic to our furry friends.

    1. Onions

    2. Fruits that contain Xylitol(artificial sweetener)

    3. Chocolate or other candies

    4. Grapes and Raisins

  5. Microchips/Identification: With proper identification such as microchips and identification tags, pets can easily be reunited with their owners. It is definitely a great idea to ensure that your pet is safe and secure, however we all know that accidents happen and it is better to be prepared. June is National Microchipping Month so get in touch with your local vet to get your pet chipped today.

  6. Fireworks: Everyone's favorite part of Memorial Day besides the food! While us humans really enjoy the beautiful light show, our furry friends are likely panicking thinking the world is ending. Fireworks cause hundreds of pets to go missing each year. The best ways to prevent this are to keep your animals indoors, or in another secure location where they feel comfortable and protected.

I hope these tips help each and every one of you to keep your pets safe and involved in your Memorial Day celebration! Click the links below to learn more!

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