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Tips for keeping your dog's brain active

Updated: May 2, 2022

Enrichment is one of the best ways to keep your dog's brain healthy and young. According to Puppy Leaks, here are some great ways to keep that brain working into the senior years.

  1. Snuffle mats- these are super easy to use and you can find them on many popular websites such as amazon and chewy for $15 or less. They are super easy to use, all you do is lay it flat, put your dogs favorite kibble or treats into the felt pieces and watch them sniff their way around and collect their rewards.

  2. Stuffed Kongs/Topples- These are great because you can fill them with almost anything! Also found on many popular websites for 20$ or less. Most are dishwasher safe and recycled! Fill with any treats/kibble/food and freeze or serve warm and watch them happily lick every morsel out!

  3. Treat Balls- These are great if you have a dog that eats extremely fast or if you want to make your dog "work" for their dinner. It can be used as a treat, or their meal. Dog's love this as it makes dinner time, or treat time, much more fun!

  4. Dig Box- The idea here is essentially a sandbox but for your dog. Some dog breeds have the natural instinct to dig, such as my adorable dachshunds. Giving them an outlet for this behavior, allows them to do what they need to be fulfilled while also not ruining the flower bed.

  5. Sniff Breaks- Similar to number 4, some dog breeds have a natural instinct to sniff and track, such as many of the hound breeds. Giving them this few minutes on a walk will allow them the fulfillment without causing your 30 minute walk to turn into a 3 hour walk.

  6. Puzzle Toys- These are super simple and very similar to snuffle mats, the difference being that puzzles have pieces the dogs will have to use their nose or paws to push open. I have purchased a few of these and my dachshunds have become extremely fast at finding all of the kibble hidden in the puzzle.

All of these enrichment ideas are easy to use and cheap to buy. I have purchased many of these myself on amazon and chewy. For more information on these enrichment techniques and more visit the reference site below.

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